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Malaysia is well-known for its pewter manufacturing which comes in many different forms, such as decorations, jewelleries and even kitchenware. Here in Kuala Lumpur, you can get high quality pewter products in many places.

Where to get it: Try looking around in malls, or you can even head over to the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre where there is also a store available.

Price: The price ranges, depending on what product you decide to buy, but expect it to be at least MYR100.

Tip: Remember to consider the weight and space that you will need in your bags for your return trip.

Hand-woven crafts

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Hand-woven crafts

These handmade products are something unique that you can buy as gifts or for your own use. Some of the materials used in the making of these products are bamboo or rattan. Using these materials, they are able to make baskets or even purses.

Where to get it: Try looking around stores or markets, especially in Central Market.

Batik at Kuala Lumpur

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Whether it’s just the fabric or an outfit, Batik is one of the things that you can get here in Kuala Lumpur that is representative of the culture here. These colourful fabrics make a great gift or memento as they do not occupy as much space in your bags

Where to get it: Try looking around Central Market

Wood Carving

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Wood Carvings

Malaysia is a country that is lucky enough to have a large variety of timber that grows in the country. Thus, it may come as no surprise that wood carving is also something that is practiced among the traditional locals. They would make a great gift for their rich cultural element and their beautiful appearance. It can also be practical depending on what did you decide to buy, whether it’s a container, or a decoration.

Where to get it: Try looking around stores, especially in Central Market

Instant white coffee

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Instant White Coffee

If you are a coffee drinker, then the white coffee is something that you should try when you are in Malaysia. If you like it, you could always buy some instant ones to bring home yourself.

Where to get it: Try looking around stores, whether groceries stores or even convenience stores.

Cameron Tea

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Malaysian Tea has its own unique aroma and flavour, and the ones grown in Cameron Highlands are popular even among the locals. If you like tea and enjoy the ones you’ve tried here in Malaysia, why not buy some of them back home? You will also be able to find some instant teh tarik.

Where to get it: Try looking around any stores