Posted on Aug 21st, 2018

Why Malaysians Love Fish Head Curry

What is it about fish head curry that keeps us going back for seconds? From the sweet and savory aroma of the curry that whiffs in the air signalling its tantalizing presence. To the way in which its delicious gravy fills our bellies with each satisfying mouthful. Placed a top a hot tray, the fish head curry with its condiments of brinjal, okra, tofu puff and blend of vegetables draws closer.

Eager bellies, anxious palates; something good is about to be had. Scrumptious gravy, seamlessly balanced with a tinge of spiciness and creaminess; fish head curry is exquisitely paired with generous servings of rice. Perfect on a rainy day or when you are up for something warm and savoury, fish head curry is food for the soul.

Malaysian Fish Head Curry Recipe: Just How Is This Dish Made?

With fresh ingredients such as candlenuts, coconut milk, laksa leaves, galangal, tamarind pulp, cincaluk (a salty shrimp base sauce) and lemongrass mixed together with onions and lime juice.

From Humble Beginnings, Straight To Your Plate

Its origins may surprise you; first used for cooking during the colonial times, it is believed that locals used fish head as they could not afford to purchase a whole fish. As the British did not enjoy eating the head of the fish, the locals benefited from its rich flavor by using them in their curries. Another version of the story explores its origins in India and how it inspired the Peranakan variant of fish head curry.

Famous Curry Fish Head In KL: How Is It Usually Enjoyed

The Chinese often regard this dish as a delicacy and quickly grew fond of it. This is especially evident as many Indian restaurants in Malaysia often use fish head in their curries to cater to their Chinese customers. The tamarind and coconut milk help provide the dish with an Indian touch whilst the fish sauce, fish head, candle-nuts and lemongrass give it a Peranakan twist. Fish head curry is often served in claypots in Chinese restaurants and on banana leaves in Indian restaurants here.

Get Your Fish Head Curry Satiated At The Coffee House

Enjoy tantalising fish head curry at The Coffee House, Sunway Putra Hotel. Made with authentic flavors; every bite is richly packed with fishy goodness all throughout its serving tray. Piping hot amidst a rainy day; pair it with your favorite drink for a truly Malaysian dining experience.

Delicious perfection, punchy flavors that excite the senses. Every bite is a treat.

Just How Much Do Our Hearty Servings Of Fish Head Curry Cost?

· A medium sized bowl of fish head curry is priced at MYR39.90 nett. Served with two bowls of steamed rice and vegetables.

· A big bowl of fish head curry is priced at MYR69.90 nett. Served with four bowls of steamed rice and vegetables.

· Each bowl ordered will receive one Fish Head Curry Tag and a Fish Head Curry bib. Collect five Fish Head Curry Tags and you will get the 6th bowl For Free!!!

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